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Unfortunately there are often Rexes looking for homes.

If you are interested in offering a home to a displaced Rex, please contact Dee Carrick, the SRCC Welfare/Rehoming Officer by phoning 01546 886392 after 6.30pm (please don't email).

If you have a cat needing to be rehomed, please take heed of this warning from the GCCF:

"If you are planning to rehome an adult cat, please be aware that there are said to be people who, after acquiring a rehomed cat, often with a very plausible reason for wanting to give one a good home, are then re-selling the cat.

If you are approached by someone seeking an adult cat please make every effort to check their story. If, for instance, they wish to replace a cat which has died, ask if your veterinary surgeon may contact theirs to verify this.

It is always advisable to neuter any adult cat before it is rehomed.”

New home wanted

There are no rexes currently listed

but contact Dee Carrick if you would be interested in rehoming a rex should one come up.

Bear in mind that rehomed cats do come with baggage, and may require a lot of time and patience for them to settle.